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Lulea Sweden

A large social media company decided to expand using a modular deployment method for the first time.  They engaged RCCI to assist with the contract negotiations and to provide onsite project management.

The project constitutes one of the largest modular data centers constructed in the world and will allow the firm to expand rapidly and cost effectively well into the future.

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Ontario, Canada

A Canadian financial institution needed to expand their computing platform while consolidating their number of data center sites.

We built a team of over 25 project managers, project engineers, financial analysts, and administrative support to manage the design and construction of a new greenfield data center and a substantial expansion to an existing data center while keeping it in operation.

Additionally, upgrades and capacity expansion projects were performed in multiple sites to permit time to design and construct the new and expansion facilities.

Canyon Park and Redmond, WA

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A northwest based software firm needed a new data center immediately.  Our team completed the design of a data center in a retrofitted warehouse.  The full delivery time from start of design to completion of commissioning was 9 months.

We were then engaged to oversee the modernization of an existing data center which had reached the end of its useful life.  There were numerous single points of failure in the original design and the documentation was incomplete.

Our team performed the due diligience to determine the existing condition, provided solutions to correct the problems, and implemented the solutions.  This occurred over a number of months and resulted in extending the life at least 14 additional years.

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